Event Stewards

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The primary role of a steward is to assist with the delivery of an enjoyable and safe experience for audiences. Stewards help events to maintain a high level of customer care and provide practical assistance both inside and outside of the venue.

Stewards represent a large proportion of those carrying out public roles during events and therefore, as far as the audience is concerned, these individuals are as much the “face” of the event as full-time staff. It is therefore important that Stewards present themselves in a positive and professional manner at all times.

Normal Event Steward Duties include:

  • Undertaking pre and post event venue checks
  • To be responsible for the safety and customer care of spectators within a designated area at all times
  • To monitor entrances, exits and other key safety points within the venue/stadium
  • To control and direct spectators entering and leaving the venue and to assist as required
  • Ensure that gangways and exit/evacuation routes are kept clear
  • Indentify and investigate any incident or occurrence among spectators reporting findings to a supervisor
  • Know the location of and be able to operate effectively the fire fighting equipment at the venue/stadium
  • Be capable of recognising potential hazards (including suspect packages), reporting such matters immediately
  • Assist venue/stadium users with queries and reporting complaints to a supervisor
  • Assist as required in the evacuation of spectators etc from the Venue/Stadium
  • To undertake specific duties in an emergency or as directed by the Safety Officer or the appropriate emergency services officer
  • To understand their general responsibilities towards the health and safety and welfare of all spectators, other stewards ground staff and themselves

Our Event Safety Stewards

All Total Security Event Stewards are trained to a minimum of NVQ-2 in Spectator Safety, with our event team supervisors holding Level-3 and Level-4 qualifications respectively.

At Total Security we also have our own additional ‘in house’ training to ensure our staff are better trained and better prepared than our competitors.

If you are planning an event, we have the expertise to deliver quality customer service from planning to delivery and would love to form part of your event team.

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