Event Medical

For all of your event needs

Event First Aid

First Person on Scene (FPOS) and First Response Emergency Care (FREC) First Responders have an intermediate level of training and are capable of dealing with serious situations including trauma, shock and scene management.

Staff at this level are capable of supporting small events single-handedly or will capably join a larger, medical team.

Event Paramedic’s

Event Paramedics have a more detailed knowledge of injuries and symptoms for a wide range of conditions. They will have experience of responding to emergency calls as part of an ambulance service team.

Event Paramedics are capable of calmly responding to distressing emergency situations where people may be badly hurt and severely traumatised.

Trained to assist with moving patients safely, constantly observing vital signs and responding to changes in the patient’s condition quickly and carefully.

Our Event Medical Teams

Total Security have vastly experienced medical staff available and we provide medical provision to many football stadiums and other types of large events.

Our medical teams are used to working in tandem with our Event Stewarding and Security Teams to offer a highly co-ordinated service.

The number of staff which may be required, is regulated for most types of events. So please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation survey.