Close Protection Officers (CPO’s), keep clients safe from unwanted attention or physical harm. They are also responsible for assessing security measures and providing discreet surveillance. Close Protection Officers work includes:

  • Protecting our clients from threats of physical violence.

  • Checking out premises, such as hotels, restaurants and theatres, before the client arrives

  • Advising and coordinating the installation of any required surveillance equipment for our clients

  • Surveying the layout of venues, noting potential hazards and exposure to risks

  • Accompanying the client on business and social trips

close protection

Threats to clients could come from a range of sources including terrorist organisations, political opponents, stalkers or over-enthusiastic fans.

Our Close Protection Officers are often contracted to work for people in the public eye, including:

  • Foreign dignitaries

  • Diplomats and politicians
  • High-profile business people operating in potentially hostile places
  • Legal professionals, such as barristers

  • Sports, music, film and TV celebrities, and their families

Specialist duties may include residential security, making sure the client’s premises are secure.

The Close protection services we offer means officers work around their clients’ schedule, which will vary depending on the length of contract and their clients’ work and leisure activities, offering 24-hour protection with minimum intrusion to our clients daily lives.

Our Close Protection Officers

All Total Security Close Protection Officers are handpicked and are amongst the top professionals within their field working in the UK.

As a leading provider of close protection services in London, our staff have many years of experience looking after some of the countries most known celebrities, sports personalities and high net worth individuals both at home and abroad.

Our proven management and support team, has many years of experience, both in the civilian security sector and the military. This ensures that not only are our Close Protection Officers better trained, but they are also better managed, meaning we can offer a consistent and unrivalled service to our clients, 365 days per year.

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